friday, june 7 - saturday, August 3, 2019

The Mobile Site central partnership is with the campuses of St. John United Methodist Church near the University of South Alabama. St. John United Methodist Church is in multicultural ministry located in the heart of Mobile Alabama.

During the summer, interns will be exposed to and build relationships with community ministries that work to strengthen families in Mobile. The interns will be serving with ministries focused in early childhood development, immigration, personal leadership skills, and community organizing. The interns will work to build relationships between the churches/organizations and the community to impact lasting change and transformation. 

The interns will be housed at Whistler United Methodist Church at 3102 Whistler Street. The interns should be prepared to stay with a diverse group of college students in the Whistler area. Intentional living provides an opportunity for the interns to not only work in the community but live in a communal environment. Interns are expected to study the Bible, work on self-reflection, and learn about intentional communal living.

Here’s what one of our 2018 interns shared about their experience with QuadW Mobile -

This summer has really opened my eyes more than I could have ever imagined and I owe it all to QuadW. I saw myself grow and change right before my eyes.  I am forever grateful that I was allowed to have this opportunity to bond with 11 other individuals. This was an opportunity to make friendships for a lifetime and to help the community. This was an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and I’m glad that I took it. 

This summer I had the chance to help out and make changes in many lives. At the Summer Envision Camp, I was able to teach, lead worship, and watch the children grow.  A major highlight of my day was hearing the children excited to praise God. The children don’t even know how much they changed my life as well. I will never forget what I did at QuadW this summer, and I hope other young adults will apply to this internship as well.