The QuadW Missional Internship is an 8-week, paid, summer internship for college students. Inviting you to step outside your comfort zone to pursue your faith, serve those in need, and live in Christian community.

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The QuadW Missional Internship has had a broad and profound impact. For many of our interns it has literally been life changing, altering their views and plans for the future in dramatic ways. The effect on the communities served cannot be overstated. Many desperate needs would have gone unfulfilled if not for the work of our interns
— Dr. Don Woolley, Founder and National Director, QuadW Missional Internship
In more than 10 years of ministry I have never seen anything that places young adults in a context where they may be stretched to their limits, make a difference in the lives of others and practice a more lively faith in Jesus as I’ve seen time and again with QuadW Missional Internship. That’s why I’m a part of the team!
— Tony Jeck, Assistant Director, QuadW Missional Internship
Using one word to describe the internship, I will say it is a FAMILY! What I loved most was our bible study, devotion, & fellowship. Also, the openness and passion to reach out to our community. I learned a lot and everyone around me noticed a positive change when I got back home. God bless QuadW and its vision, Amen!
— Blessing Atuogo, Former Intern
Being immersed in an experience like the QuadW Missional Internship taught me the struggles and gifts that can come from community. If you’re open and willing to receive, you will not leave this experience empty-handed. I left with a better grasp on community and mission, as well as a deeper understanding of myself and the role I can play in those areas. It was an experience that continues to teach me even after it is over.
— Autumn Fischer, Former Intern

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