We are made up of a diverse team of women and men across the country who are deeply engaged in mission and ministry in their particular context.  For each of them QuadW mi is just a piece of what they do.  They serve churches, nonprofits, community centers, year long intentional Christian communities and more!  They are the engine and heartbeat of the actual work of the internship... You can see them pictured above, along with board members of both the QuadW Foundation and QuadW Missional Internship.  We're grateful for this gifted, driven, compassionate team!  

As of now, we have two year-round staff.  We'd like to introduce them now!


Dr. Don Woolley

Don is the founder and national director of the QuadW Missional Internship. Launching in Mobile in 2008, Don has led the expansion of the QuadW Missional Internship to include twelve internship sites across the country and a longer term QuadW Missional Residency in Kansas City. He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. 

Don’s passion is wrapped up in the central goals of the QuadW Missional Internship: providing life-changing mission experiences for college students, seeing those most in need helped in a way that makes a long-term difference, and helping churches and agencies connect more deeply with their own communities. He is grateful to the QuadW Foundation and to the amazing people he gets to work with around the country who help make these goals a reality. 

Don is blessed to be “husband” to Amy and “dad” to their sons, Graham and Tanner. He is originally from Arkansas, attended the University of Arkansas, and is a former chemical engineer. He loves Jesus, his family, a fresh cup of coffee, witty sarcasm, January’s, Monday’s, and new notebooks.  

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Tony Jeck

Tony is the assistant director of the QuadW Missional Internship.  His main work is with recruitment and placement of interns, web and social media presence & being Don's sidekick in the general development + expansion of the internship.  He has led QuadW sites in two different locations.  He is also the associate director at the Auburn Wesley Foundation (a UM campus ministry at Auburn University).   

Tony's heart has been captivated by Jesus.   He feels called to see himself and others embrace an identity discovered in God's action + mission in the world. He feels a special call to serve with and alongside young adults, helping them to venture into and embrace God's call + mission ... for it was there - among youth and young adults that Tony, himself, first had God's work + mission take hold of him!

Tony loves to read, write + drink good coffee.  He can often be found at coffee shops in Auburn + Opelika having great conversation.  He married way up!  Stephanie, his wife, is his partner in life and ministry and parenting.  They have two lively and beautiful children, Jonah- 12 & Raena- 10.  

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