The QuadW Missional Internship is made possible by these generous sponsors and partners... 


The QuadW Missional Internship exists because of the vision and generous support of the QuadW Foundation.  Their heart is to see more and more young adults transformed by God's love through serving and being in relationship with others.  Check out their video to learn more about all the ways they are doing good in the world and the how they are honoring the life and memory of Willie Tichenor (you can read a bit about Willie below!).   You can also visit their website:

Willie Tichenor died of osteosarcoma on March 15, 2006 at age 19. The WWWW Foundation, Inc., or QuadW, was created to honor his desire to make positive changes in the world around him. We will ponder the question “What Would Willie Want?” as we consider ideas to achieve these wishes.

Music was Willie’s passion throughout his life – he was a glorious singer, whether on stage with his band CloverStreet, at church or in his car. He loved sports, especially basketball, and was an avid snowboarder.

Willie was insightful, outrageous and full of good ideas and big plans. He regularly accomplished his goals. Through the end he maintained a strong faith in God.

Willie had the remarkable ability to inspire those around him to be better. With his unique zest for life, Willie’s personality and actions made an enduring contribution to his family, friends, and community. His unmatched charm and wit are still remembered and emulated by those who encountered him.

He brought great joy to his family and friends with his infectious smile and dancing eyes. He always made us laugh. And think.


Many of our ministry partners, site directors, and local churches are United Methodist.  We continue to be grateful for such good partners in this work.  We are especially grateful for the support of the UM Young Clergy Initiative.  Through them QuadW mi has received generous grant money for continued expansion - new sites, new partners, new opportunities for young adults to be engaged in God's transforming mission and in that context to discern the ways that God is calling them deeper into this way of life and to consider pathways to vocational ministry.  You can read more about the grant we received HERE


Alan Hirsch of Forge was instrumental in helping us develop what became the 3.0 Missional Internship, which became the QuadW Missional Internship!  Much of our initial work was patterned closely after the work of Forge in Australia. We were given permission to be an “early Forge experiment in the North American context.”  Since that time, Forge America has been launched and we are pleased to be a partner in this important work. QuadW mi national director, Don Woolley has served on the Forge America national lead team. Below is some information from their homepage, but please see for additional information.

Forge America is a non-profit organization dedicated to the identification, development and nurturing of missional leaders, and to the cultivation of missional communities across the United States, and now internationally.

Forge is unique in that it has drawn together an alliance of innovative church plants and mission ventures, a wide variety of theological colleges, as well as sponsorship from a number of major evangelical denominations and agencies. Furthermore, the network in America is led by active missional practitioners and as such is able to offer significant experiential training in pioneering contexts while accessing academic accreditation from key training institutions all over the United States (with student allowance for registered students).

Forge has emerged at a time when it is widely agreed that we find ourselves in a new mission context. In our present cultural climate most experienced evangelists and missionaries recognize that intentional mission responses and church planting is the most effective approach.