friday, june 7 - saturday, August 3, 2019

The Mobile Site will be held at the campuses of St. John United Methodist Church near the University of South Alabama. St. John United Methodist Church is in multicultural ministry located in the heart of Mobile Alabama.

The focus of the Mobile site is to continue to develop and reinforce school curriculum for both English and Spanish middle school aged children as well as working in early childhood education. Interns will be responsible for creating a safe environment to develop relationships with their mentees, teach curriculum, and provide basic biblical understanding. Interns will plan and carryout activities and fieldtrips for the children. Interns will also provide oversight to the summer food program.

During the summer, interns will exposed to and build relationships with community ministries that work to strengthen families in Mobile. Communities of Transformation is a relationship based ministry focused on walking with families. A primary goal is to stabilize families through the development of financial strength and to assist adults who are unemployed or underemployed find meaningful long-term employment. Open Doors Thrift Store is an upscale resale shore that aids in developing and supporting multiple ministries in the south Alabama area.

The interns will be housed at Whistler United Methodist Church at 3102 Whistler Street. The interns should be prepared to stay with a diverse group of college students in the Whistler area. Intentional living provides an opportunity for the interns to not only work in the community but live in a communal environment. Interns are expected to study the Bible, work on self-reflection, and learn about intentional communal living.

Those interns sent to the Mobile site must be prepared to deal with a high cultural and diverse relationships, interactions, and understanding of those dealing with different issues of life. Interns will learn the need for cultural and racial diversity among children and adults, the value and rich culture from persons located from all over the Americas.