Sunday, June 3 - sunday, july 29, 2018


In Kansas City, you will live together with other interns and site leaders Josh and Trish in a 5,000 square foot house near downtown KCK called the Mission House. 


Here, we partner with the innovative and incarnational local missionaries, the Urban Farming Guys, where you will spend around 20 hours each week working to renew one of the many KC neighborhoods fighting to come back to life thanks to the collaborative work of local neighbors. Over the eight weeks, past interns’ work has included: making inviting and creative places out of abandoned lots and spaces, community art projects, running summer camps for a local Hispanic congregation, volunteering at an after-school program for local kids, learning about innovative ways to restore neighborhoods, teaching youth and kids the story of God, urban gardening, racial reconciliation, and many other service and learning opportunities. 

The local mission work in KC will always include some combination of the above-listed activities in partnership with local organizations. The specifics may change from year-to-year depending on the ongoing needs of our neighborhood and our partners. This is because Mission House is a year-round hub of missional and incarnation service, and your summer schedule is created with this long-term work in mind.


You are sent to where you are, and the primary place of God’s activity in the world — the mission field — is right outside your front door. This is always true wherever you live. And here at Mission House, the neighborhood is multi-cultural and has struggled economically for many years. Come and see how God’s mission is as close as the front porch. Come and learn from the diverse lives of our neighbors, listening to the stories of immigrants, refugees, and folks from all walks of life. And come and relate as we seek to know our God, ourselves, our housemates, and our neighbors in deeper ways every day.