The QuadW Missional Internship experience has six primary components:

1. Hands-On Missional Service
As an intern, you will be placed in a challenging ministry environment where you will do hands-on community ministry. This aspect will be a cooperative effort of pastors, congregations, and area agencies who focus on under-served populations - most often, children and youth.

2. Community Living
Truly living in Christian community is an incredibly challenging but deeply rewarding experience. During the summer internship, you will live and work with a large group of diverse college students, working out what it means to live our faith together. Over the course of the summer, you will likely develop relationships that will last a lifetime. As interns have shared in the past, “we arrived as strangers, but we leave as family.”

3. Spiritual Disciplines
Weekly worship together as interns and at host churches is an important piece of the spiritual formation.  One of the other ways ongoing formation and disciple-making may take place is through a weekly “Life Transformation Groups” or “LTG’s” (groups of two or threes of the same genders who meet for the purpose of accountability, Scripture reflection, and prayer). Please note, whether through LTG's or not, a significant piece of the spiritual discipline of this internship is a commitment to a weekly Scripture reading plan and journaling.

4. Mentoring / Coaching
Time with experienced missional leaders to process field experiences on a deeper personal level. This will occur in a team setting as well as one-on-one.

5. Equipping Sessions
This weekly training is to help you re-evaluate what it really means to follow Jesus, move beyond a consumer spirituality, focus on the needs of the world, and prepare to launch future initiatives that contribute to the transformation of communities. The equipping sessions will involve required weekly reading and reflection prior to the group gathering.

6. Next Step Planning
Developing concrete strategies and plans for the future so that what is learned through the internships is applied in the communities to which you will return. QuadW is meant to be much more than a summer-only experience. Past interns have gone on to initiate bold new ministries in their own communities and serve as agents of change in the life of their student-ministries and congregations.

* An important note about accountability: Each of these components is important to the overall purpose of developing you as a leader. Full participation is required and a failure to fully participate may result in termination. We will work with a struggling intern to avoid termination, but for the sake of the other interns, we cannot allow individuals to opt out of any components as this has a very detrimental effect on the broader ministry and sense of community.


Through the generous support of the WWWW Foundation, we are able to provide a $2,000 stipend to each student. These monies will be provided to you in installments over the summer. You will need to have sufficient funds to get through the first two weeks.

Other Important Details

What are the dates for the internship?
This varies from city to city - so be sure to check the specific site pages under "WHERE WE ARE", but typically the internship runs 8 weeks, beginning around the end of May/beginning of June & wrapping up near the end of July/beginning of August.

Who is eligible to apply?
College students who have completed freshman year up to students age 25. Non-students in this age range may also apply.

What is the deadline to apply?
We do not have a firm application deadline, however the application is very thorough so we encourage interested applicants to start immediately and submit applications as soon as possible! Applications can be completed online. We will have multiple waves of interviews/placements.  The first wave taking place between Thanksgiving and New Years.  And a second wave in February/March time frame. The sooner you apply the the more quickly you can be interviewed and placed - with an increased potential of receiving your first choice of service location. 

What food is provided?  
We provide housing and your meals during the work week. Breakfast foods include cereal, fruit, granola bars, etc. We will provide everything you need to pack a sack lunch (sandwich meats, cheese, condiments, chips, fruit, etc.). Evening meals are a group dinner cooked by one of our local churches or other ministry partners, and there are frequently delicious leftovers for you to take for lunch the next day or to enjoy over the weekend!

What costs will I incur?
Any costs associated with eating out or buying your own food, food on the weekend, entertainment, gas to your work site (carpools cut down on this), etc. Most interns find they are able to save the majority of the $2,000 stipend. However, please note: it is the responsibility of the intern to be able to get to the site to begin the eight weeks and home again at the end of the summer.

Can I opt out of any of the program’s components?
No. Unless there are extreme and extenuating circumstances you are expected to participate in each component of the program. 

Can I get time off during the internship?
Weekly time off is from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning (or something comparable to this depending on the schedule of ministry). But even during this time the normal expectation is that you would continue in the community and stay the night in the group housing just like during the week. You will worship on Sunday with your host congregation and/or the community you are serving. You may be able to get permission to be away for a weekend during the internship. But that will need to be approved by the site manager and QuadW Coordinator, and cannot be during the orientation or closing week. Additional time off is not normally possible, but of course we will work with you if there are extenuating circumstances. These need to be brought to our attention as early as possible. It is not possible, though, to miss a week to participate in a mission trip, family vacation, etc.

Can I get college credit for this internship?
Some interns may receive academic credit for the internship experience. It is up to the intern to coordinate this with his/her academic institution to determine whether this is possible and, if so, the requirements. Some students have worked with professors to create an "Independent Study" while others have had the internship fulfill a field experience requirement.  Whenever possible, we are eager to work with you to meet your school's requirements. Please check with your school and communicate the requirements to us as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.  

Can I take a summer class while serving as an intern?
No. In our experience, it has been very difficult for students to keep up with the requirements of both the internship and a summer class.

Before You Apply 

The application is below.  But before you apply, please read this... 

The step of faith you are considering is significant. The QuadW Missional Internship is designed to stretch you, challenge you, and develop you as a leader who serves God in such a way that lives, communities, and the Church itself are transformed by the radical love of Jesus Christ. The impact of the QuadW Missional Internship is profound. Children’s lives are changed, desperate needs are met, and congregations awaken to new possibilities as they reconnect with their own neighborhoods. But no one is changed or blessed as much as the interns themselves. It has been a joy to watch interns grow in their faith and catch a vision of what the Church can and should be – the people of God humbly serving others, blessing the world through the sharing of His unconditional love.

But our program is NOT for everyone. If you are looking for a summer job or a paycheck, this isn’t for you. QuadW is hands-on mission work, an opportunity for spiritual growth, a season to reflect on God’s plans for your life and to be equipped for a lifetime of living out your faith in a way that is authentic and transformative.

If you lack relational maturity QuadW will be difficult for you as well. One of the key components of the internship is living in community. Most handle this very well, but for some it is the most difficult part of the summer. Interns come with a wide-range of backgrounds, life-experiences, theologies, and, well, quirks! It is important to respect differences, be considerate, and work through any disagreements or issues that arise. With that said, you will likely develop some of the deepest and most life-nurturing relationships imaginable over the summer. Past interns continue to meet up on their own, pray for one another, celebrate victories, and support one another through difficult times….and of course, harass one another in love via social media. Interns come as strangers, but they leave as family.

Responsibility and a solid work ethic are also critical traits. A lot is expected of selected applicants. You will work each day at your mission site, complete assigned reading, do your part to keep your living space clean, engage in group discussion, mentoring, accountability, and worship. None of the components of the internship are optional. When an intern chooses not to fulfill his/her responsibilities, it has a very detrimental effect on the experience of the other interns. We will of course work with anyone who is genuinely struggling, but if there is simply no commitment to fulfill responsibilities, termination may be the only valid option. There is plenty of time to complete everything expected of you and most interns have little difficulty with this, but it is an important thing to consider before applying.

Nearly every past intern has said the QuadW Missional Internship is one of the most important and significant experiences they have ever had. In addition to the countless lives that are impacted by the intern’s service, it is literally life-changing for many of the interns themselves. One of our greatest joys is to hear of all the ways the summer continues to shape their lives as they re-direct their studies and plans for the future, initiate new ministries in their communities, and work to help existing ministries/congregations become more outwardly focused. One of the greatest blessings is the joy they take in their relationships with one another, long after the summer is past.

We want God’s perfect will to be accomplished in your life, in the lives of those served by QuadW interns, and in the congregations and agencies who participate in this effort. We know that God is calling many to take this step of faith, and if God is calling you, we pray you will hear that call and respond boldly. If we can answer any questions or pray for you in any way, please let us know.

Code of Conduct

Please give careful and prayerful attention to our Code of Conduct, that we ask our interns to abide by.  Again, we are glad to answer any questions you may have concerning this commitment to service.  

Each Intern is expected to totally give themselves in service to the mission and message of Jesus.  This is demanding and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Submitting to work site leaders, pastors, other ministry leaders in the internship.

  • Having a work ethic that represents Christ and serves the community and church faithfully.

  • Reserve the use of phone and technology to appropriate times (not at worksite or in times of group meeting/sharing)

  • Maintain a positive encouraging, supportive environment for everyone connected to the program.

  • Be flexible and adapt to new challenges as they arise.

  • That your life may witness to the fullness of life found in Jesus and not cause others to struggle or stumble in their faith, we ask each intern to:

              - Abstain from the use of alcohol and tobacco. If you are 21 and older and have a weekend or time off that involves not returning to intern housing that night, your use of alcohol or tobacco is your choice. Otherwise, we ask interns to abstain from alcohol and tobacco for the duration of the internship. 

              - Not use illegal drugs.

              - Practice sexual abstinence and if in a relationship, maintain appropriate boundaries.

              - Dress in a way that reflects the role you’re serving in.

              - Be considerate and discerning about your choice of music, movies and entertainment, how you spend your free time. Given the range of behavior and language in rated R movies, movies watched should be rated G, PG, or PG13 unless approved by the Site Director. Music should be similarly appropriate in terms of language and content.            

              - Be considerate in the language you use, refraining from profanity and language that is critical or demeaning of others including your fellow interns, program leaders, and those served.