Wednesday, June 5 - Saturday, August 2, 2019

Lifeline has been serving inner city youth for over 55 years in Elkhart, Indiana. We strive to demonstrate the love of God and communicate His message to see lives transformed. Our area of ministry is a city with a large inner city population. It is a community that is racially, economically and culturally diverse. These factors, along with high poverty rates and high percentages of single parent homes, dominate our youth’s way of life. As a result, Lifeline is passionate about reaching these kids for Christ and providing consistent, encouraging, and safe environments.  Our desire is for all kids to have access to caring role models, to teachthem basic life skills, and to develop student leaders.   

During the summer, Lifeline runs a day camp for low income inner city kids ages 7-13. We spend 8 weeks building relationships and sharing the gospel in a variety of ways; the love you will share and receive is truly life changing. As Christians our greatest mission is discipleship and we do that on a weekly basis. Whether through one on one interaction, group sessions, or a trip to the zoo, living life alongside the youth in our community provides the ability to speak truth into the lives of students. Please come join us this summer on mission to see lives transformed.


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