Growth, Change + Instability

A recent study by Yale (Read it here) explores the connection between learning and instability. The research demonstrates that new, unexpected and uncertain situations serve as a kind of “on-switch” for our brains and learning. AND that the opposite is just as true - that when we use so much of our energy and resources to mitigate instability and uncertainty from our lives this in facts shuts down learning and growth.

This gets to something that is at the heart of the work we have been doing with interns for the last 10 years! No one has ever shared the story of how God radically changed their life/perspective/situation by saying, “ I was always, clearly in control and never experienced anything too far outside what I already knew… AND that changed me forever!”


The story ALWAYS goes, “I thought I was in control and that I knew how things worked, UNTIL that summer when I met that person/had that conversation/had to come face-to-face with that different perspective/etc… AND that changed me forever!”


We call it “liminality” - it’s moving from what you have known into what you have not yet known. It’s moving from where you have been into where you will be. It’s that in-between, up-in-the-air, experience of disorientation that we so often call “being outside my comfort zone” - and THAT’S where learning and growth happen.

Each summer that is the context we are inviting our interns into. To live with a diverse group of other young adult Christians, to serve in contexts where the real needs and experiences of others get in your face and unsettle the world as your’ve always known it. And it’s difficult. It’s demanding. It will cause you to ask hard questions and pray difficult prayers. They’ll be days when you want to quit.

AND it will change you forever.

We still have some spots available on several of our intern teams across the country. If this kind of challenge and growth is something you sense God stirring in you - Check out our application and apply!