Spotlight on Dallas - New Horizons

Today I want to spotlight one of our main mission partners at our Dallas site. Our interns will join in on this mission of New Horizons. Be sure to check out their video below. And I also want to introduce you to the amazing person who runs it… and who, along with Braxton Bush, will be working closely with our intern team this summer - Lacey Henderson.


New Horizons of North Texas is a nonprofit ministry dedicated to helping at-risk children and teens growing up in environments of poverty, academic struggle, and hopelessness. As a result, we have set out to tell tell kids a different story – one of possibility and potential! We create highly relational environments and provide opportunities to live a different story. New Horizons serves the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through no-cost programs, including after school and summer programs.

You saw her in the video, but I want to introduce you to Lacey Henderson…


She is the Program Director for New Horizons of North Texas. As a former high school English teacher and youth minister, Lacey is passionate about literacy and her faith in Christ. Lacey enjoys spending time with her high school sweetheart turned husband, Seth, and their three small children. She's a 6 on the Enneagram and would love to discuss your Enneagram number if you know it. When she's not busy doing program director or mom things, she's most likely connecting with someone over coffee, planning her next recipe/home project/family trip on Pinterest, or training for her next race. She loves kids and youth and feels honored to get the opportunity to ignite hope and purpose through education and faith.