Intern Reflection - Anelys Deida, QuadW Reading, PA,

“I now see that the hands that forgive, console, heal, and offer a festive meal must become my own.” (Henri J.M. NouwenReturn of the Prodigal Son)

Anelys on the chairs in the middle, along with fellow interns, painting a mural at the City Light Ministry where they served children from the Reading community

Anelys on the chairs in the middle, along with fellow interns, painting a mural at the City Light Ministry where they served children from the Reading community

Throughout this summer I have known a God who not only loves me, but who seeks me constantly and calls me to be more like Him every day. When we understand that God calls us to be more and more like Him we can also understand that our duty is to go out to meet those who need us. Just as that father waited to meet his prodigal son and ran to embrace and receive him once he returned, in that same way we must run with joy, enthusiasm and commitment to those who have been living far away from God’s love. This experience has taught me the magnitude of God's grace and mercy; grace and mercy that loves me every day and chooses me as His instrument to reach the needy, the marginalized, the poor and the rejected.

These eight weeks have taught me that this mission is not just QuadW's desire, but that it is based on God's desire for his children. God definitely wants his children to return home and I firmly believe that we are a key piece in God’s mission.

Our work in the world is vital for the Kingdom of heaven to become real on earth.

"I look upon the whole world as my parish" (John Wesley).

We must understand, without a doubt, that the most beautiful place to worship, preach, pray and serve given to us has been this world in which we live. This has been confirmed to me as I see the smiles of the children at City Light Ministry every time we say "Good morning," and has been evident to me as I am challenged with their questions regarding who God is and how they can get to know Him more. I have witnessed the need by seeing the cry of women in desperation striving to get out of their difficult situations while they seek for a greater meaning to life. I have understood that my work as a young Christian cannot remain locked in four walls or in a structure called “church” but rather, my work must be really shown with the people who so desperately need that encounter with the Father.

The QuadW Reading Team outside City Light Ministry

The QuadW Reading Team outside City Light Ministry

Today, I can confidently say that I understand my call. I have been called to be those hands that forgive, love, comfort, heal and serve. I have been called to look more and more like my father and to serve without limits. Thanks to this internship my passion for missions has grown greatly. I know that everything I have is thanks to God and therefore, I want to use it only for him. I firmly believe that I’ll be able to use all my passions and knowledge to serve the Lord, for it was Him who loved me first and chose me before I chose Him. I have been blessed to be part of this internship  that has not only helped us to continue our studies, but has also taught and encouraged us to serve God in our professional fields. I am determined to make a difference in the field of medicine, to put my profession as a pharmacist in God’s hands and to serve all those who are in need.

"If God is compassionate, then certainly those who love God should be compassionate as well" (Henri JM Nouwen, Return of the Prodigal Son).

Without a doubt, QuadW is raising a generation of future professionals willing to work for the mission of God and be compassionate, just as our father is compassionate.