Priming the Pump


While plans are being made at our 12 sites across the country for a summer of deep missional engagement and real Christian community our Columbus, OH leadership gathered up a  group of former and future QuadW Interns to serve in Mexico over spring break.  

Form Intern, Josh Shu shares about the experience here... 

During spring break for The Ohio State University (3/11/18 - 3/18/18), a crew of former Quad W interns from Global Community Church, along with new college students and youth, journeyed together to the Texas/Mexico border to see how God is moving in the area. The team hopped in the church van and drove 21 hours from Columbus, OH to Piedras Negras, Mexico.

They arrived just in time to join Templo San Pablo Methodist Church for Sunday worship. The worship style was fresh and each member was energized by the Holy Spirit. Being in a new place with a new language encouraged the team to be attentive and open to the Holy Spirit. The team experienced a wide array of breathtaking “God-moments.” 

The team was introduced to a local orphanage called Casa De Misericordia (House of Mercy), and friendships were built with the youth there, as if God had prepared us and each child for our brief but sweet time of fellowship. God pressed on our hearts how much He loves the youth and how much He delights in them. Time was also spent at a special needs orphanage called La Casa Bethesda. Although communication was limited, the team was reminded of the way that God looks at the heart, and of the type of simple faith that He


Some of the most memorable times were spent at the local park, where the team played flag football with the youth. They were excited to meet our team made of those from Korean, Nigerian, Congolese, and American backgrounds. It was inspiring to see God move through our fellowship time together in which we shared the good news and times of laughter and competition with them.

As a whole, during times of passionate prayer with local believers, playing sports with the local community, and powerful street outreach, the team sensed that God is moving with the local church, and that He has tremendous plans for the nation of Mexico!