Now What?

Today our last two QuadW mi sites wrap up - Portland and Riverside.  And just like that nearly 80 young adults walk out of an intense 8 week summer experience in which they were challenged at every turn: pushed beyond their level of comfort and understanding, sharing life w/ other interns from different backgrounds and life experience, investing deeply in mission contexts that put them in relationship w/ people they may otherwise never have had the chance to know, learn from, love.  To ask questions about who they are, who God has made them to be, what God is calling them to do, how are they sent.  

Last day of camp for the 2017 QuadW mi Elkhart team

Last day of camp for the 2017 QuadW mi Elkhart team

And now, even before they have had a chance to really work through and process all that they have seen and felt and experience of God and themselves and others, they are headed back to their college campuses, home churches, families, etc.  

And it will be a transition, to say the least.  

So now our work is to support them and keep in touch w/ them, to help them to figure out what's next.  To help them as their prayer is, "Now what?"  So we ask you to join us in praying for our interns... especially if you know some of them.  Pray for them that they would feel sent by God to the place where they are now/will be this fall semester.  Pray that they'll find or start christian community there that they can be on mission w/ in that place.  Pray that they'll find ways of continuing to reflect on and work out the things that God stirred up in them over the summer.  Pray that they'll be gracious w/ themselves when it doesn't go like they hoped or expected, when it is harder than they thought, when the patterns of life that they knew before are stronger than they are.  Pray for courage to do the hard things, to take the next steps, to say "yes" to what they sense God calling them to do/be now.