Jakaela's Journey

We asked former QuadW intern and multi-year site director, Jakaela Davis, to share a bit about her journey and the ways God has used QuadW mi to be a part of that.  You can keep up with her on her new blog... www.jakaela.wordpress.com

But for now check this out... 

Jakaela Davis is beginning work on her Masters of Divinity at Duke this fall and is pursuing a call toward ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church.  

Jakaela Davis is beginning work on her Masters of Divinity at Duke this fall and is pursuing a call toward ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church.  

Tell me how many summers you've been a part of QuadW and where and in what role/capacity? 

So I have been a part of the QuadW Missional Internship for 5 years and each year has been simply amazing. The first two years I was in Mobile as an intern and the second year I returned as an RA. My third year I helped start up the site in Portland as the RA. Last summer and this past summer I was the Site Director in Dallas, TX.

In all that you've done and experienced through QuadW what would you say is the biggest/most important thing you've learned? 

The biggest and most important thing that I have learned throughout my years working with QuadW is that, no matter what, you have to be vulnerable and open to the idea that sometimes you will be uncomfortable... and that's okay. I have learned that being transparent is also big component to the work that I am doing through QuadW. Transparency is one of those words that causes us to cringe but its also a word that causes me to reflect upon my journey and I ask myself how have I been true and honest with myself and with those around me.

Year two in Dallas just wrapped up - How did it build upon year one's work and team?  How did it feel like something completely new and different from last year?  What was most exciting about this summer?  What was the most challenging piece of the summer for the Dallas team?

Year 2 in Dallas went great and I am excited about what God has in store in Dallas for the future. Last year in Dallas went well and I believe it was only the beginning. This year in Dallas, you can definitely tell that the foundation that was laid last year was a solid one filled with a rich love that was developed throughout the summers. One of the best things that has happened this past summer is that the day camp kids' parents volunteered for our meals because they wanted to give something back to us out of the kindness of their hearts.

This group of interns continued to build upon the relationships that were made and though we only had two returners, the kids immediately loved on the new and returning interns.

One thing that was challenging for me was that the interns did a great job teaching the different classes for the day camp, but when it came to living in community things got a little hard. We came together for dinners, group discussions, and weekly Friday experiences, but beyond those moments people were a little distant. Living in Christian community can be difficult, but I believe it be done.

In what ways has QuadW been a part of your discerning God's call to ministry and leading you to be a student at Duke Divinity this fall?

QuadW has helped me discern my call into ministry in so many ways. It was actually during my first summer as a Site Director in Dallas, I was laying down in my bed and the thought came of "what if I am called into ministry?" and I immediately answered with a "okay God I hear you and I am ready". I knew that God had called me into ministry but I was ignoring my call because I honestly didn't believe that I could be called. Throughout my years in Quad W, Tuskegee Wesley Foundation (as a student leader), Auburn Wesley Foundation (as an intern), and just years within the United Methodist Church, I have had years of confirmation and affirmation from various people. I am so excited to be a certified candidate within the UMC, as well as a first year div student.

Coming out of another summer of QuadW Dallas and now on the campus of Duke - what is God teaching you most about right now?

First of all being here at Duke is simply a wild dream coming to reality, I pinch myself every morning lol. In all honesty, being here in the now, God is teaching me to "Be still and know that he is God", truthfully God is teaching me to just "BE". To stop worrying about the when and how, but to simply just BE in the NOW.