Intern Story - Breanna Noland, QuadW mi, Opelika Summer 2017

Breanna Noland is a junior at Lee University in Cleveland, TN studying elementary education

Breanna Noland is a junior at Lee University in Cleveland, TN studying elementary education

QuadW summer of 2017 -  What an experience!

Some days I wanted to throw in the towel and take my happy self right on back home. Other days were so full of joy and love for what I was doing I didn't want to leave. This past summer opened my eyes to the Pharisee that was within me. I would always invite others to church and tell them out much I loved being in the house of God, but I never brought the Gospel straight to them. I was wanting them to come and meet me where I was at, sitting in the front row where I was comfortable. I did not think to come out of my comfort zone to embrace them right where they were at or to step into their comfort zone and sacrifice my own desires to love like Jesus loves.

God pulled me out of my comfy church pew and led me into a place of experiencing and witnessing the hurt others were going through. I already knew that Jesus had placed a soft spot for the broken in my heart. He has placed a desire and passion inside my soul to reach out and serve in the places that may not always be easy or convenient at the time. To love on orphans and help bring people who feel like they are too little, too broken or feel as if they have made too many mistakes in to a place where they know they are more than enough, healed through Jesus and to know that their past or performance does not define them, but the love that Jesus demonstrated on the cross is what defines them. 

When I pray about being the tangible demonstration of the love of God, I reflect back to my summer with QuadW every time. The church is not a building but a body of believers who go out and are the hands and feet of Jesus. A church without walls. Loving the unlovable and bringing hope to the hopeless. I am forever grateful for the opportunity QuadW gave me and the lessons I've carried in my heart since. 

Thank God for QuadW!