QuadW Missional Outreach Receives $2.6 Million Grant!

Hey Everyone!  We have some pretty exciting news!!  We will share more in the coming weeks about what this means for our work over the next five years, but we are excited to share this press release from Board President, Rev. Jean Tippit. Thank you QuadW Foundation!

The QuadW Foundation of Dallas, TX has awarded up to $2,600,000 for the expansion of QuadW Missional Internship and Residency programs, as well as the launching of new initiatives. The QuadW Missional Internship program (formerly "3.0") began in Mobile, AL in 2009. In 2013, the QuadW Foundation of Dallas provided the opportunity to expand the program on a national level. Since then, the program has grown to include ten Internship sites coast to coast, as well as a new long-term Residency program in Kansas City. 
The QuadW (WWWW) Foundation was established to honor the life of Willie Tichenor. Answering the question of "What Would Willie Want?" the Foundation pursues innovation in sarcoma research, higher education, and transforming mission experiences. Johnny Peters, Director of the University of South Alabama Wesley Foundation, was one of Willie's youth pastors and a close friend. Johnny connected the idea for the internship program with the goals of the QuadW Foundation, giving birth to what became the QuadW Missional Internship program. 
National Director, Don Woolley, and the QuadW Outreach Board are deeply grateful for the continued, generous support of the QuadW Foundation. For more information about the QuadW Foundation, see www.quadw.org. For more information about the QuadW Missional Internship program, see www.quadwmi.org.
Rev. Jean Tippit, Board President, QuadW Missional Outreach
Some of the QuadW Foundation board members at a Sarcoma research meeting

Some of the QuadW Foundation board members at a Sarcoma research meeting