New QuadW Site - Riverside, CA

We are excited for the beginning of a new partnership and a new QuadW mi site for the summer of 2017 - Riverside, CA.  Riverside is located outside of LA.  Our partners there are Alfredo and Carrie Cesar. They met in Dallas atPerkins School of Theology over 30 years ago and are now Pastors at Arlington United Methodist Church, in the Riverside community.  

Carrie & Alfredo Cesar  - QuadW Riverside  Site Directors

Carrie & Alfredo Cesar  - QuadW Riverside
Site Directors

They have a long history of working with families, blending missional style, spiritual growth and community development.  Their call to be a part of God's mission in the world has led them to serve in Mexico, Denver, Phoenix, Long Beach, Garden Grove, and now Riverside.  They have been in ministry in a variety of different ways!  The Cesars are dedicated to helping families in the Riverside-Arlington community to practice Christ’s teachings of loving God and loving others. They have helped the Arlington UMC turn an old but charming education building into a second home for the neighborhood. It is a community family center called “The Heart & Soul House”. 

The family center hosts events and classes for all ages.  This will be the primary place of mission and ministry for the QuadW interns serving there this summer.  

We are filled with gratitude for the ways God lets us partner with such gifted and passionate disciples of Jesus as the Cesars!