Gratitude + Mission

Don Woolley - Founder and National Director of the QuadW Missional Internship - reflects on summer 2016 with Gratitude for all God is doing... 

By the grace of God, the QuadW Missional Internship continues to grow across the country.  This summer, 86 interns served in nine sites, partnering with 63 different churches and organizations to serve over 2700 people. Wow!  In every way, it was an amazing year.
While I’m pleased with these numbers, what excites me most is the depth of transformation that happens in the lives of interns and those with whom they worked and served. Through this challenging experience, interns begin to see themselves and others in a new way. They come to understand their faith and the Church in terms of God’s mission in the world. And along the way, friendships are formed that will last a lifetime. None of this would have happened without the faithful perseverance of interns, strong leadership at each Site, and the generosity of those who gave of their resources and time.  

We are especially grateful for the QuadW Foundation of Dallas. They took a chance on us nine years ago, and continue to encourage us with their ongoing support.

 Thank you to everyone who worked so hard, and gave so much to make 2016 our best year yet!  

We are so grateful for Don's leadership and vision!  And now we join him in turning our attention toward what is out ahead of us!  The mission continues to develop, take root, reach further and deeper.  We have opportunities for more than 100 college-age young adults to live and serve in our 10 sites across the US.  And our 2017 APPS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!  

Join in God's mission of making ALL things NEW!