Stories that help us imagine God's coming Kingdom

Welcome to the QuadW Missional Internship BLOG!  This is a place where we'll share stories and ideas that help us to imagine & live in light of God's coming Kingdom.  Part of the challenge of living as Jesus' disciples here and now is living in light of the resurrection of Jesus and the Kingdom his life, death & resurrection launched - especially in the places where it doesn't look like Jesus has begun making all things new.  

One of God's gifts, helping us to live as faithful witnesses to God's Kingdom breaking forth in Jesus, is found in being able to share our stories of how we have seen it with our own eyes and participated in it, if only for a moment... These stories help form our imagination as to how we can, more and more, live in light of God's Kingdom, pointing and signaling others to that Kingdom that Jesus has launched, in lively, beautiful & creative ways!  

That's what you'll find here.  Stories of QuadW interns & leaders... and others sharing their stories and ideas.  May God use it to help inspire us to engage deeply in God's mission in the world... until God's Kingdom comes on earth, as in heaven!