Where Are They Now... (part 3 of 3)

Earlier this month we heard from Wes & Charsy Anderson about their personal experience serving as QuadW (3.0) interns.  First we heard from Charsy, then from Wes.  Today they share w/ us, in their own words, a bit about what's happening with them now & how what began w/ QuadW continues to play out in their lives and ministries...  

On June 29, 2013 we got married. It was in my 3rd summer (Wes), and my 1st summer (Charsy) at Quad W that we had met. We now live in DeFuniak Springs, FL where I (Wes) serve as Student Minister at First Methodist Church, and where I (Charsy) serve as a reading tutor at West DeFuniak Elementary school. We have just moved into our first home, and are expecting the arrival of Laila Grace Anderson in early April.

Our lives were turned upside down by the Quad W internship, and not just because we met each other, although we definitely feel like that was a plus! The relationships that we built while serving as interns have lasted the test of time. Half of our wedding party was made up of interns, all of our mentors were at the wedding, and two of them officiated the ceremony. We still keep in contact with some of the kids we served, and have seen some of them go on to go to college, have babies, and get jobs serving others in Jesus' name.

The Quad W internship has been the single most transformative experience of our lives. Because of our 5 summers serving as interns (combined), our theology, perspective, and understanding of different cultures has been reshaped and informed. Through our experiences as a part of the program we were both recalibrated around the person of Jesus, and the life that he call us to live, and are doing our best to live in the messiness of that calling each day. The challenges of being an intern caused our faiths to grow like never before, and there is no experience we would recommend to college students more highly. Above, Charsy wrote that she applied to be an intern with Quad W because she “wanted to do something that mattered”. Because of Quad W, we did, we have, and we are.