QuadW Intern Spotlight - Ashley Tippit

Ashley is a  sophomore at Birmingham Southern.  She served w/ our QuadW Portland Team this last summer.  She shares, in her own words, some of what being a QuadW intern has meant to her.  Check it out... 

My experience with QuadW taught me to rely on my faith as my cornerstone and trained me for a life of service with Christ. On a daily basis I was asked to keep scripture in mind when I interacted with kids, adults that I worked with, and my fellow interns. The work I did at my site challenged me to focus on outreach and being adaptable to the needs of others. Frequently I was asked to reflect the love of God, but more frequently I received God’s love through others. Specifically, my experience with the Portland site was enriching due to the nature and abundant space to meditate on scripture. QuadW molded me throughout the summer and prepared me for a freed life of obedience to God.

            Upon my arrival in Portland, I was dropped off in the basement of a church where I was joined by eight other interns. This would be our summer home. Immediately the conversations were open and full of laughter. We wanted to know each other and further our ability to communicate. The space the interns created together was homely and, though living in close quarters led us to occasionally stepping on each other’s toes, we were pushed by each other to discuss our similarities and differences through love. Living in a Christian community requires sacrifice, but the rewards of feeling loved and communicating with others openly are worth the small space.

            The site I was at was called Art in the Park and it was divided into two parts. For part of our time at this site, students came to a church where they were exposed to classical music, multimedia and professional artistic materials. At this site I spent one-on-one time assisting these students with expressing themselves and learned a lot through their reflections. The other aspect of this site was going out to parks and doing crafts with the children there. Through the site I learned many leadership skills and the importance of a servant heart.

Ashley Tippit (standing directly to the right of the sign) and the rest of the QuadW Portland team on one of their Spiritual Retreat Fridays

Ashley Tippit (standing directly to the right of the sign) and the rest of the QuadW Portland team on one of their Spiritual Retreat Fridays

            Portland, OR as a site made an impact on my QuadW experience and enriched my understanding of scripture. Our Fridays were spent out in nature, reflecting on passages of the Bible and our interpretations based on our experiences. Through these days I not only was able to see the beauties of the Columbia River Gorge, Cannon Beach and Mount Hood, but I saw the spirit of God in my surroundings. These invaluable days encouraged me to spend quiet time alone with God and through these moments I learned many things about scripture and about myself.

            My summer of working with QuadW was an incredible experience. I learned a great deal through living in a Christian community, leading children at my site and reflecting on scripture through nature. QuadW was more than just an internship to me, it was a time to step away from where I was comfortable and to be challenged daily to serve God and show love. I am so grateful for my experience with QuadW and I appreciate the time spent in the Christian community, at my site and in nature. God used this experience to teach me many things and to train me on how to follow God’s will and reach out to others.

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