coming soon for summer 2018

Pine Bluff First United Methodist Church is excited to host you as one of 8 interns for the summer of 2016. In this internship you will spend time working with local children and youth in the Pine Bluff area. You will work alongside members of the host church who are preparing to do the work that will help them to assess the needs of their mission field. As you work with your host church and those in the community, we hope that transformation will take place in the heart and lives of all who participate. Your presence will help them to build long lasting relationships with those in their neighborhoods.

During the summer, you will be involved in the community by working and serving with members of various congregations within Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The city of Pine Bluff is in need of having positive people, like yourself, to share God’s love, peace, and hope.

We are in need of interns who are willing to be flexible and deal with the challenges of working and living in community. You will be challenged to work through obstacles and to live out your witness to God’s people through your presence. We hope that you will join us for what will be an exciting and new opportunity!