Opelika, AL was a new QuadW community in the summer of 2016.  The initial team of 8 interns did an amazing job exploring God's work here and in laying a foundation for what ongoing partnership could look like moving forward.  Opelika is a small, old, southern town that teems with a mix of long history, rich heritage & new dreams of life and community.  It is just a few miles down the road from Auburn University and all the activity and development that come from a major university setting.

This site will be led by Tony Jeck 

There will be multiple locations of service and relational ministry.  

The first will be located in an old mill village just to the west of downtown Opelika.  In this community we will be helping the church that sits in the heart of this neighborhood (re)connect with and care for children and their families, as well as the older adults who call this community home.  We'll do this through a variety of different ways - prayer walks, porch visits, movie + art in the park, and more!

We have a relationship with the local Boys & Girls Club in which our interns have the chance to invest deeply in the lives of the children who come there each day, many of whom live in the surrounding public housing community.  The Club director, Drew, is really good at creating an environment of support, nurture and challenge for the kids there.  After year one, we think this particular part area will become more and more the hub of what it looks like for us to join in God's work in Opelika.  One further opportunity here is with a ministry called Feeding God's Children that we discovered really deepened our chances to be in the lives of many of the children and their families.  

Building around relationships in that same neighborhood - we'll have the chance to join with Wesley Memorial UMC in helping them to host a Vacation Bible School in June - reaching into the community all around the Boys & Girls Club!  We're really excited about this new partnership and anticipate the ways that God may use this to make a difference in the lives of children in the community and church! 

A couple weeks into our summer last year an opportunity opened up for us to partner a couple days a week with a ministry called the Hosanna Home.  They do incredible work in helping women, most of whom have substance abuse issues, to find a community of faith and support to get clean and to re-engage their lives.  Many of the women here have children.  They all live together here.  Our interns were able to be a helpful part of their lives this summer and we look forward to seeing what this may develop to be in 2017.     

Another of our key partnerships is with a group called Cedar Abbey.  They're located in the heart of downtown with connection to at least a couple different ongoing ministries - One that is based around a community garden and the other around an open, creative space for prayer, study and conversation.  They've also led our interns in community prayer walks.  

It is likely that all interns this summer will get a good deal of time and experience in ALL of these contexts.     

This missional action will be coupled with times of reflection, prayer and learning.  We will read through the four gospels (or perhaps read through the Gospel of Luke & the Acts of the Apostles) over the course of the 8 weeks.  Additionally it is likely that we will be reading through The Tangible Kingdom (and other select materials) to help us develop a framework and language for engaging, together, more deeply in God's mission in the world.   

As more details are developed for summer 2017, we will update this page... So stay tuned!